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"I want to go back to somewhere I have never been before."

I want to go back to somewhere I have never been before. No, that's not something Jaden Smith said. It's a conclusion to which me and a travelmate came in our last phone call. Like him, I left every piece of comfort and security I had to travel the world. Now I am back in my comfortzone and I find myself longing to that feeling of not knowing what the next day may bring.

Straight after graduating as a bachelor in communications I got a great job at a creative agency. My life was on track. I blinked once and it was two years later. I guess that is what happens when your life is on track. There is no need to worry about your direction so you can just ride it out, like a Tesla driver on autopilot. But I prefered riding motorbikes in Vietnam so took off.

Fifteen months later and I am back where it all started. Above all I return to the question: "What's next?". Am I going to get back on track and get a job? It is definitely the most responsible thing to do. Yet, I want to keep the steering wheel in my own hands. Therefor I decided to keep on exploring, but now also professionally; as a freelance copywriter.

My goal is to able to work from anywhere, for companies all over the world. I'll document my steps in this blog. Yes. I am starting a blog áfter my travels. Ofcourse I am asking myself the question why didn't I start a blog earlier. There is no point in contemplating however. All I know is when you ask yourself the question: "Why did I not do this sooner?", that's when you know you are going the right way.

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