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    Tony's Chocolonely Prezi

    The path from cocoa farmer to chocolate bar is explained in this Prezi through visual storytelling. I created the storyline and wrote the copy along with the voice over script, on behalf of Mr.Prezident.

    Video Script

    HvA & UvA

    A Dutch animated video that explains how Amsterdam universities collaborate to create a more sustainable city. I was responsible for the concept and execution of the script in Dutch and the translation in English, on behalf of Fresqo.

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    For Mr.Prezident's blog I wrote a number of entries. Here is one that compares the different Prezi licenses available.

    Press Release

    Vandennorth & company

    For Vandennorth & company I worked on several press releases for events and venues in Amsterdam.

    Website Copy

    Creative Case EXE

    For Mr.Prezident I explained a case they worked on for Energy Exchange Enablers. Click on the image to read the full copy.

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    Jehan van Asseldonk

    Creative Copywriter


    Frankly, when I started to study Advertising & Communications I was hesitant if I was able to integrate in this field. The majority of professionals seemed to focus solely on speaking rather than listening. I needed to be able to understand who I was dealing with and use that knowledge as a foundation. Because 80% of communication is listening and understanding.


    Things changed when during my studies I started to work for a presentation design agency. A presentation is one of the most purest forms of communication. By working on presentations for hundreds of clients I learned the essence of creating a storyline that guides the audience naturally to its objective.


    From then on I implemented this principle in my writing. I expanded my experience by writing press releases and social content during an internship at a PR agency. After my graduation I returned to the agency where I started. We launched a second brand focussing on animation. I worked on scripts for animated videos, storytelling, SEO copy for our websites, newsletters and blog articles.


    In need for a new challenge I decided to kick off my freelance career. I help companies and professionals improve their written communication on all channels. So, let's start creating engagement between you and your customers!


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    I want to go back to somewhere I have never been before. No, that's not something Jaden Smith said. It's a conclusion to which me and a travelmate came in our last phone call. Like him, I left every piece of comfort and security I had to travel the world. Now I am back in my comfortzone and I...
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